The Exigent Duality
Coming Attractions - 15:32 CDT, 8/10/20 (Sniper)
I feel like I'm watching an MLS game, listening to these clips: very recognizable guises, equally familiar shrill voices and inauthenticity. The soy is strong in both settings.

But it's no laughing matter: as Barr points out, these people are just like the Bolsheviks. A family member of mine recently drove down "Lake Street" here in Murderapolis, and said it looked like a war zone: they had to make sure to drive "the safe way" through the area. Right in the middle of America!

I also read that Chicago is so violent right now, that city officials had to literally raise the draw bridges to keep the barbarians out of downtown! More MLS supporters on the prowl, I guess.

I wrote here that wifey and I are not only stocking up on firearms, but are reluctant to put some much-needed money into our house. This neighborhood is filled with radical Leftist yard signs, of all varieties.