The Exigent Duality
No More Mr. Nice Guys - 18:56 CDT, 8/03/20 (Sniper)
America was a magical place where anyone could come and live life however they wanted, provided they simply minded their own business. There were almost no laws, almost no government, and basically zero taxes other than some small duties on select goods.

Wanted to work hard and get rich? Wanted to subsistence farm? Wanted to invent crazy flying machines in a shed? Wanted to err towards laziness like this very writer and structure a comfortable, uneventful life?

Nothing was off limits, as long as you just left everyone else alone. In return, they'd grant you the same courtesy.

This attracted people from all over the world, who simply wanted the freedom to pursue their dreams.

And pursue they did.

Because of this almost total, absolute liberalization of every single aspect of life, staggering amounts of wealth was created. This culminated in the last thirty years of the 19th century, where people went from toiling in fields all day, to living in multi-floor apartments not much different from those today.

Live and let live. It was the Golden Rule. It was working. And everyone lived by it. Well, almost everyone.

Almost right from the beginning, there was envy from people in society who were still lived a nice life, but who were not as talented as the millionaires, and thus not as rich.

And there were radical totalitarians ready to promise these envious pariahs to steal from others, to hand to them. This started as early as the late 18th century with Alexander Hamilton and his merry band of banksters and money changers.

But the real alarm bells happened shortly thereafter. A Civil War broke out, because Southerners were not allowed to dissolve what they'd thought was a voluntary union-- which turned out to be anything but. Surprise!

Both the income tax and the Federal Reserve were back-doored in during a lame duck session of Congress in 1913. This allowed the Federal Government to monetize endless conflicts throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, especially with the abolition of Bretton Woods in the early 1970s.

Multiple trillions of dollars were spent on "reparation"-style welfare programs, shuttling money from white men to black women. These programs, euphemestically billed as "New Deals" and "New Societies" impoverished the country, lowering the standard of living for everyone.

Hordes of Communists and Soviet spies took up positions in universities and all levels of government, and began Agitprop operations throughout the country, systematically indoctrinating people into believing that the original Golden Rule was bad, and it was somehow evil to leave other people alone.

Countless millions of immigrants from third-world countries were bulk imported or allowed to skip the border to both provide cheap labor to corporations, but also to change the demographics of the country.

You see, most people from the third world do not believe in the original Golden Rule: they instituted totalitarian dictatorships in their own nations, then the masses fled the aftermath of their own sowing to unwittingly re-create the same environment abroad.

Like Cargo Cultists, they don't understand cause and effect. And there are enough Barack Hussein Obamas, Hillary Clintons, Bernie Sanders's, Kamala Harris's, Chuckie Schumers, and countless other nefarious, power-hungry swamp monsters who are more than happy to leverage this mass-blindness to obtain absolute power for themselves, and their technocrat enablers.

Meanwhile, there are the white alpha and omega males. The net tax payers. The ones who, like Atlas, have always carried and still do carry the country on their shoulders. They still believe in the original Golden Rule: the original vision of America.

And that is their downfall. They are kind. They are gentle. They are forgiving. And they are the ultimate torch-bearers of tolerance. To a fault.

Abraham Lincoln wanted to deport the freed slaves back to Africa. Many modern-day Republicans have fought to limit immigration to those who hold America's original values of leaving others alone. McCarthy wisely tried to feret out the Communists and agitators.

But it wasn't enough.

Today, white males sit around watching Marxist organizations like "Black Lives Matter" burn down cities and re-institute government-sponsored racism in places like California. They watch while many of their wives and girlfriends fall prey to the toxic femininity that is third-wave feminism. They are idle while Communist Agitprop actors like Alexandria Cortez and Ilhan Omar are elected to high-ranking government offices, enshrining the hateful tenets of Cultural Marxism into law.

This America and its $200 trillion in liabilities is doomed: it's too late. Those who fruitlessly try to uphold its original form need to retreat and regroup, probably into the rural outlands for now. But there are lessons to be learned, for posterity.

If the American experiment is ever repeated, a little bit of ruthlessness is going to be required: a bit of steel, to complement the satin.

Strict and absolute border controls will need to be in place, where incomers are screened according to values, then given grace periods ending in a local resident vote on whether to trebuchet the newcomer back over the border or not. Assimilate, or you're gone.

The State, should one be chartered, should not be ammendable: it should be a locked-in-forever, "10 Commandments"-style directive, enshrining absolute negative rights such as private property and free speech.

It needs the opposite of ideological purity: it needs to be an ideological vacuum, as relentlessly void as the vacuum of space.

And in that spirit, the most important tenth commandment: exile for anyone who does not follow the original Golden Rule. No more Mr. Nice Guys.