The Exigent Duality
What Happen - 16:36 CDT, 3/20/20 (Sniper)
Eric Peters raising lots of alarm bells, and when I read articles like this, it's impossible to blame him: how many of these civil liberty violations will go away once the virus situation is all clear? To me, the majority of this seems more like dry run conditioning to see how far the public can be pushed, than legitimate attempts to keep people from getting sick.

On a related note, someone needs to do another round of "Peter Schiff was right" videos.

In a surreal role reversal, here is Tom Woods hosting Peter, with the latter at his scintillating best: it's a must-listen. There are a bunch of charts here and here to accompany your listen. Everything Peter has been saying for years about this economy being totally fake has proven correct: sharpest sell-off literally in history, despite the Fed taking its balance sheet to all-time highs in a matter of days!

It's that analogy of the drug addict: the economy needs more and more of the drug just to stay afloat-- or by this point, not even: we're in ICU "overdose" territory now.