The Exigent Duality
Many Roads to Failure - 09:08 CST, 3/21/18 (Sniper)
These are the greatest threats to the world presently, as I see them, in rank order:

  1. China and the South China Sea: The Chinese and Xi Jinping are in a period of extraordinarily arrogant nationalism of the kind that reminds me of Germany in the 1930s. They've been building up an arsenal of thousands of ICBMs, which are almost certainly intended to be used as a Blitzkrieg-style pre-emptive attack, designed to overwhelm America's defenses. There is no mitigating factor here: at this juncture, I see a military conflict with China as inevitable.

  2. Global Economic Collapse: The fraudulent, money-changing "Fractional Reserve" scheme has created trillions upon trillions of global currency's worth of debt, with only a miniscule portion of that supported by real-world assets. Central banks have painted themselves into an interest rate zero-bound corner, and if they don't toe the reverse-quantitative easing line perfectly they will lose control of the situation. The only mitigating factor here is that a new World War will probably break out prior, rendering this point moot.

  3. Cultural Marxism: Social Justice Warriors of all ages have been systematically converging on government institutions as well as private companies, using public shaming and enactment of censorship policies to silence critics. If this trend continues, the world will see more phenomena such as Britain's Muslim child-rape culture, which is enabled and excused by Cultural Marxism. The mitigating factor here are the budding national sovereignty movements in countries such as Hungary, Poland, and Italy.

  4. North Korea: Kim Jong Un wants to retain power, so the odds of him using his arsenal of nuclear weapons in an unprovoked way is virtually nil. The real threat is that Neoconservative actors in the United States, following the same Wolfowitz Doctrine philosophy which underpinned several other wars such as the Iraq invasion, will convince President Trump to use a military strike against Kim, causing the whole situation to rapidly spiral into a catastrophe. The mitigating factor are Trump's "4d chess" negotiating tactics: there are indications that Kim is starting to soften his positions.

  5. Mass Social Unrest: The status quo is unsustainable, as the globalist's "system" is unraveling rapidly. If one or a combination of the above four things doesn't occur relatively soon, then the underlying "ticking clock" hourglass will simply run empty, and a critical mass of people will violently take to the streets as they are increasingly isolated from the "global economy".