Brute Force (Sniper)
Genre: Tactical Squad-Based Shooter
Developer: Digital Anvil
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

As a later-generation X-box title, Brute Force hits a sweet spot between aesthetics and technological prowess. Special effects are rampant, which is probably Brute Force's graphical forte. High polygon counts are also present however, and the texture quality is very high. A little detail texturing would have helped, but otherwise, Brute Force is a pretty title, even by X-box standards.

The music is par the course for a sci-fi title: orchestrated, drawn-out, and suspense laden. The sound effects likewise are pretty typical, mostly consisting of gunfire and explosions. The voice acting is surprisingly good, but the writing is cheesy and filled with cliches. Not a bad job done here, but nothing to write home about.

Brute Force is part of a reasonably new genre, tactical squad-based shooter. The control scheme is pretty typical of an X-box game, and commands are issued to the team via the D-pad. The map design is done pretty well, although the "tactical" part of Brute Force is not spoon-fed to the player via obvious level design; you must exhibit creativity to make use of all members of the team. On the negative side, the missions and their objectives seem totally arbitrary and aren't tied together very well.

Brute Force is an above average shooter that involves some finesse and strategy. It also has a number of "cool!" aspects, such as Brutus' "Steel of Vengar", and the Scout's assassin skills. This title also features Deathmatch and Squad Deathmatch, which are especially fun when played online via XBConnect. I would say that Brute Force is a very solid title, but lacks that extra game design "oomph" to push it into the High B or A-range, especially as it pertains to the map design and story.

Sniper's verdict: