The Exigent Duality
Cringe - 18:32 CDT, 5/17/17 (Sniper)
The last "Virtual On" title came out fourteen years ago. Given that, plus my insatiable appetite for novelty, of course I have "Arms" pre-ordered.

And yet, the game's style-- especially that god damned theme song-- makes me viscerally angry. I think it's quite possibly the most obnoxious looking and sounding game that I've ever seen or heard, and that's saying something. Add to it that infomercial hand-guy trailer narrator and the super lame attempts at humor... gah.

I can't quite put my finger on why this game triggers that kind of reaction in me-- but it does. I like the gameplay concept, but I wish the game was dark, moody, and atmospheric, instead of... whatever the hell it actually is.
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