The Exigent Duality
A disease - 09:33 CDT, 5/12/17 (Sniper)
I've written about that "Elon Musk" weasel before, and here he is, at it again. This guy's companies should not even exist. What a waste of finite economic resources!

Speaking of the Left, my brother pointed me to the "blacks only", fully-segregated graduation ceremony that students are doing at Harvard.

It just goes to show that Leftists weren't actually opposed to segregation in the first place-- Cultural Marxism is their god, not equality; desegregation was just a stepping stone towards their ideological ideal of stomping out "oppressive" whites. They'd be perfectly fine with forcing white people to sit in the back of the bus, or separate bathrooms-- so long as the white people got the trashy ones.

What's scary about this ideology is that if you take it to its logical ends, it results in Nazi-style concentration camps, throwing whites into ovens. I'm not speaking hyperbolically either.
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