The Exigent Duality
Fake football news - 08:09 CDT, 5/08/17 (Sniper) is one of those Leftist "fake news" sites that I love to read, simply because it's so hilariously slanted, and even Marxist at times.

The latest source of humor for me is this piece, which starts out sounding like a bona fide news article, but soon sneaks in editorialization-- describing previous rulings such as this as "victories", and that there are "hopes" more rulings like this will happen in the future, along with some silly blurb about letting players merely pick whomever they want as an agent leading to "corruption".

Because a Leftist never saw a chance for State intervention that he didn't like!

Of course, for anyone with half a brain, it's obvious why this is being pushed: do you think the sport's small handful of mega agents have any incentive to limit the profession to just themselves? Which sounds just a bit like corruption to me: sending Frankie to break the kneecaps of anyone who would dare represent a player without the Godfather's permission.

EDIT: I think I found the author's web site. And sure enough: he describes himself as a "sciencey" guy (because there's nothing more science-like than using made-up words), and he does work for physicists, who make one hundred percent of their income through the fleecing of tax payers by the school yard bully. So, this guy has a personal, purely selfish, vested interest in pushing for the growth of the State.
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