The Exigent Duality
What a derby - 08:30 CDT, 4/30/17 (Sniper)
Had a little bit of everything: Keita, Anderson, and Lulic tearing them to shreds on the counter; Totti dejectedly giving up a silly free kick in his final derby when his team was trying to equalize; the trashy Rudiger karate kicking Djordjevic so the former could go to the parking lot early to sell some more belts and socks; and an over-the-moon Inzaghi, crazily celebrating with his players at the final whistle!

It's funny that the only Roma player I like-- Salah-- was also the only guy in their shirt who kept it cool and classy, working hard until the end. I don't say this-- ever, frankly-- about Roma players, but I would welcome him in a Lazio shirt, in some alternate dimension.

Keita did not act like a guy who is leaving the club. He has been working for the team for the past couple of months, looking to me like he's been playing for the shirt, and not for himself. And his wild celebrations in front of the curva further reinforced my perception. Lotito needs to open the bank for Keita.
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